Thanks so much for your fantastic show! The party with your entertainment was a hit! Everyone had a fantastic time.
Laura Madge, Bass Pro Shops, Calgary, AB
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Professional Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show

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Comedy Hypnotist Show—An Unforgettable Entertainment Experience

If you’re thinking about booking an experienced professional entertainer for your special event, the JayDee Hypnotist show is just what you’re looking for. Imagine seeing your friends or co-workers on stage pretending to be their favorite celebrity. Imagine just how hard you’ll be laughing when JayDee, a great entertainer, has your friend hopping around like the Easter bunny.

When you book the JayDee hypnotist show, you won’t have to imagine this. You’ll get to see it firsthand, creating an unforgettable entertainment experience for audiences of all ages. JayDee, a highly skilled and experienced hypnosis entertainer, delivers interactive and safe comedy hypnosis shows that are clean, classy, and fun. He’s entertained audiences from all over Canada and the USA for over 12 years and now you can book a stage hypnosis show for your next event.

As an entertainer, the JayDee hypnotist show is the perfect entertainment solution for:

See the same show that has made audiences all across the country laugh harder than they’ve ever laughed before. Book a stage hypnosis show today!

WARNING: The JayDee hypnotist show may cause side-splitting laughter, uncontrollable giggling, tears of laughter running down your cheeks, and memories that last a lifetime. Oh…and it just might cause you to have fun acting silly on stage in front of all your friends.

The JayDee hypnotist show has something for everyone. Whether you want to participate and get hypnotized on stage or simply sit back and watch JayDee’s amazing talents in action, you’re sure to enjoy an innovative, high energy comedy hypnosis show that will leave you talking for days.

JayDee’s stage hypnosis show offers hypnosis entertainment in Canada, including Alberta, NWT, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Yukon and Saskatchewan in cities such as Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Winnipeg and Regina. He has also provided hypnosis entertainment across the USA in Montana, Idaho, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Texas, Washington, Alaska and Denver Colorado. See what hiring a great entertainer will do for your event.

Still not sure you’ll absolutely love the JayDee hypnotist show? That’s okay. Check out what our audiences are saying.

Make Your Special Event One to Remember

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JayDee as well as performing his stage hypnosis show, also offers self help MP3’s programs that help with quitting smoking, weight loss, being more calm, getting a good nights sleep and many other self help programs.

JayDee Stage Hypnotist travels, performing his clean corporate show, to places such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Yukon, NWT, Manitoba, Ontario and US states such as Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Texas, Idaho, Washington, South Dakota, California, Nebraska and Colorado.