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Dry Grad

Thank you so much for last night I appreciate it!! You did awesome!!

Amanda Vatcher, Grand Forks, BC, Dry Grad Organizer

Comedy Hypnotist Show For Your Dry Grad Or Post Prom Grad Party

 As a professionally trained Stage Hypnotist, JayDee is no amateur; he is a full time performer and has committed his entire career to the study and performance of hypnosis. JayDee is formally trained as a hypnotherapist and fully understands his craft. Additionally, with training in stand-up and improv comedy for 5 years, JayDee's show is guaranteed to keep the laughs coming!

​JayDee's comedic hypnosis show will keep your kids safe, while proving to be an incredibly fun and energetic event for all! Check out the testimonials from many of the people that have hired JayDee or the photo’s of people being hypnotized in the show! JayDee is easy to work with and will accommodate any reasonable special request. He can provide professional, top quality BOSE sound for up to 400 people.

JayDee also does Corporate Parties and Events as well Fairs and Local Events near you. If you are looking for more information about JayDeeHypnosis or you are looking for self-hypnosis audios to help with everything from weight loss to quitting smoking through hypnosis and much more, can be found on our shop page. If you have any questions you contact JayDee Direct or you look at our frequently asked questions page. For upcoming events check out JayDee Comedy Hypnotist show schedule click here.

For the hows and whats on hiring a professional stage hypnotist, click here to go to my blog.

Why Hire JayDee's Comedy Hypnosis Show For Your Dry Grad or Post Prom? 

JayDee is excited to work with teenagers and young adults, as they have fantastic imaginations which makes for a great stage hypnosis show. When the volunteers leave the stage at the end of the show, JayDee receives consistently positive feedback, with volunteers asking, ” When can I volunteer again!”

​The length of show is usually 1.5 hours, but can be as short as 1 hour or as long a 2 hours. The show has many comedic skits and improv moments that change with each performance and volunteers. At the end of each show, JayDee gives the volunteers and the audience a personal empowerment session and a short “Do Not Drink and Drive” message. 

JayDee carries 2 Million dollars of liability insurance for Canada and the USA, his show is safe but proper insurance is a good precaution. Insurance certificate will be supplied upon request.

Please note: Many hypnotists out there have insurance certificates, but if they are from a US based insurance company and they do not domicile in the USA their coverage is null and void(Its in their policy rules/conditions). Canadian based liability insurance is very costly but it is essential for shows in Canada.

​To those hiring: Remember, local maybe cheaper but usually it is NOT better. Many grads/post proms hire the cheaper hypnotist..aka the person who just does this on weekends for some extra cash to supplement their other full time job. Many have no valid liability insurance, no comedic training and of course their website tells you how great they are! Who do you want? A part timer who does few shows a year or the full time professional? Who would you hire if they were to hypnotize you? You get what you pay for. 

Are you hiring a performer that needs more than one hypnotist per show or uses catchers? Time to book JayDee, someone who knows how to handle and manage a stage full of people by himself! 

JayDee Hypnotist provides great Post Prom, Dry Grad or After Grad entertainment at a reasonable cost. He offers a clean show for the kids, no adult material, just silly fun!

If JayDee is unable to perform at your event, he will gladly assist you in finding a great professional performer for you.

It's just good karma :) 


Email: jaydee@jaydeehypnotist.com


Toll Free: 1 877-988-5830

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