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Corporate Party

Thanks so much for your fantastic show! The party with your entertainment was a hit! Everyone had a fantastic time.

Laura Madge, Bass Pro Shops, Calgary, AB

Hypnosis Comedy Show For Corporate Party Entertainment

What special needs might a event planner, who is looking to hire corporate entertainment, require?

JayDee Hypnotist believes first and foremost in clean, classy and fun entertainment where everyone can relax, enjoy the show and afterwards feel good about watching or participating in it.


JayDee is aware of corporate interactions between the individuals who are participating on his stage and the audience members who are watching the show, and will ensure all participants are comfortable and do not embarrass themselves in front of their coworkers.


Treat the volunteers with respect is his business motto. In a corporate setting, he stays away from alcohol, drugs, sex, politics, religious and violent themes. 

 JayDee Offers A Fun Hypnosis Comedy Show For Your Corporate Event

He will always connect with the corporate party planning committee to ensure all details, such as show themes or specific pieces of music, are thought out. 

​JayDee maintains a professional air as a corporate performer, arriving onstage in a two piece suit, silk shirt and dress shoes. He understands that corporate events demand classy entertainment in all aspects.

JayDee Hypnotist is equipped with several different shows, meaning you can bring him back year after year, without fear of repetition. He will bring you fresh material for many booking years to keep your group entertained and wanting to come back year after year. 

Many corporate parties do not want their event filmed, after all it is a private event but occasionally it is allowed, this is an old clip(located just below) but it is hilarious of a gent imitating hockey commentator Don Cherry!

JayDee also does Dry Grad/Post Prom Hypnosis shows as well Fairs and Local Events near you. If you are looking for more information about JayDeeHypnosis or you are looking for self-hypnosis audios to help with everything from weight loss to quitting smoking through hypnosis and much more, can be found on his shop page. If you have any questions you contact JayDee directly or you look at our frequently asked questions page. For upcoming events check out JayDee's Comedy Hypnotist show Schedule click here.

Hire JayDee Hypnotist For Your Next Corporate Party Or Event

Why hire JayDee Hypnotist to perform his popular comedy hypnosis show?


He has been the corporate event entertainment at many different hypnotic corporate events some are staff parties or Christmas parties for companies in the oil patch, food manufacturers, surveyors, town councils, city finance departments and marketing firms to name a few. He has also been the featured entertainment at corporate fundraisers and charities, raising money and performing for groups such as The Canadian Burn Foundation, Children of Ecuador Education Foundation, Leprino Foods, McDonalds, The Horizon Centre, Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. In locations throughout Canada and the USA for corporate event entertainment.




Toll Free: 1 877-988-5830

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