A full time comedy stage hypnotist for over 14 years and a background in stand-up and improv comedy for another 5 years, this means JayDee keeps the laughs coming in his comedy show. This is paramount to anyone hiring corporate entertainment for a corporate party, fair or after grad or dry grad! The best stage hypnotist show for your event in Calgary, Alberta, is Corporate Hypnotist JayDee! He makes sure the volunteers are safe in all ways and the audience is fully entertained. Come and enjoy the fun and laughter, performance dates do book up quickly.

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Hypnotized volunteers at an after grad stage hypnosis show watching a movie stunt. As the movie goes on they start shouting at the actors or actresses to help them out. They all get wrapped up in the action, especially the suspense/thriller movie, where the lead actress has to deal with a deranged maniac. The volunteers all get engrossed by the different scenes and have an emotional roller coaster ride, from happy to sad to scared to joyous while deep in hypnosis. Funny and hilarious reactions ensue throughout the whole stunt, watch it and you will enjoy it as well!

What to see and do in Calgary, AB

Calgary, Alberta is a city with a great view of the Rocky Mountains to the west. There are a lot of great things to see and do here and on the top of my list is the Calgary Zoo. Located near downtown, the exhibits are interesting and the animals are always a delight to watch. Great fun for the whole family and remember to go see the new arrivals from China, the Pandas! In the summer come out and see the world’s biggest rodeo, the Calgary Stampede. Chuck wagon racing, bull riding and barrel racing to name a few are events for you to go and see. For history buffs, the Military Museums, It is full not only of war artifacts, planes and war equipment, but of history, emotions, and very interesting facts.

More to explore!


 For the fans of breweries out there, you will not be disappointed, there is Big Rock Brewery. They have a great Traditional Ale, Minhas Brewery has hard sodas like cream soda and black cherry, Cold Garden with their One Summer in Saskatoon beer. Last but not least Tool Shed Brewing with their Flat Cap Stout. All offer tours and tastings, call or email them to find out the details. After beer, food comes next and there is a pile of great places. I enjoy Gaga Pizza, The Himalayan, Santorini Greek Tavernaand Brooklyn Pizzeria and Taps. All will have great food for you but there are so many other amazing places go explore them all. As a lover of live theatre, the Vertigo Theatre has many productions for all tastes including The Lonely Diner and Sherlock Holmes. The Arts Commons has a great variety as well including jazz performers. 


He has a background in stand-up and improv comedy so he keep the laughs coming, few other hypnotists do. With over 14 years of stage hypnosis experience, he makes sure to keep the volunteers safe and still have hilarious shows! He is also fully insured.​

JayDee is available for corporate events, dry grads, private parties, fairs & festivals, fundraisers, conferences and anywhere fun is required !!


The show can be anywhere from 1 - 2 hours in duration, the JayDee Hypnotist comedy show can fit your events schedule for corporate entertaInment. There are a number of factors that determines his fee: Distance to the show, number of people and equipment required. 

Once you have contacted JayDee and discussed all the details, he will e-mail you a copy of his contract, event rider and payment details (50% deposit required).

The JayDee Hypnosis Show is proud to perform in Calgary and Banff.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness involving focused attention and/or reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. The term may also refer to an art, skill, or act of inducing hypnosis.

When contacting JayDee, please include the following information about your event:

When is it?
Where is it?

What is your budget?

How many people will be there?
Do you need music after the show?

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Toll Free: 1 877-988-5830

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