What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis – a state like sleep, that shuts down the conscious mind and the subconscious mind takes charge. The hypnotized person can act on internal thoughts or external suggestions. It can be used to do such things as self hypnosis to calm the mind, weight loss, to quit smoking or participating in a hypnosis show.


What is stage hypnosis?

 ​Stage hypnosis – refers to the practice of hypnotizing people/persons in front of a live audience and having them do funny or silly things. Some people perform hypnotic demonstrations, which have little or no value as a comedy show. There is a myth that I should explain, a funny hypnosis show has a great deal to do with the comedic ability of the hypnotist. Just being able to hypnotize someone does not make for a funny show.

Note: Did you know that some adults can get very self conscious acting silly around kids? I therefore generally do not allow children under the age of 14 to undergo hypnosis on stage (unless it’s an all kid’s show). Young kids are fun but they have very little life experience compared to adults, so they are very funny physically but they cannot say a lot when asked a question on the mic.


Is hypnosis real?

Yes it is, we experience it every day when we daydream, zone out or get thoroughly engrossed in a book or a movie. In a hypnosis comedy show, the hypnotist leads you into hypnosis where as you usually lead yourself into it.

What type of hypnosis shows does JayDee Hypnotist perform?

JayDee Hypnotist only performs one type of corporate entertainment; clean, classy and funny. If you’d want “another” type of hypnosis (i.e. adult rated), please find another hypnotist. It is JayDee’s belief that a stage hypnotist should inform his audience at the start of their show on the type of show he/she is performing. Whether clean, dirty or raunchy, each performer is entitled to perform whatever kind of show they wish, my belief is that no one should be fooled and volunteer for a show they think is clean but is not.

Do you pre-select those on your hypnosis stage or are they volunteers?

​JayDee Hypnotist never picks people to come up and never forces people to join in. He only wants volunteers to come up on his stage. He will respect your wishes if you just want to sit and watch the show but he genuinely hopes you will laugh and cheer your friends and colleagues on! Get Hypnotized!

I have never been hypnotized before, can you really hypnotize me?

​Although JayDee Hypnotist is professionally trained he can only hypnotize those persons who allow it. A hypnotist cannot hypnotize you against your will. The person being hypnotized allows the hypnotist to do it and because it is a matter of people voluntarily giving their control away, he treats his volunteers with dignity and respect. You must be able to relax to be hypnotized, physically and mentally. Up on JayDee’s stage, if you follow his instructions and do what he ‘suggests’ you do, you will have a great experience! One phrase that describes the feeling of being in hypnosis would be “You are aware but you just don’t care”

I consider myself on stage as a teacher of hypnosis, I am teaching my volunteers how to go into hypnosis. The teacher is only as good as his students, if they don’t listen or don’t take what I am telling them seriously, then I can teach them nothing.

What type of sound equipment do you have?

​For crystal clear sound quality, JayDee Hypnotist uses a compact but powerful Bose L1/PS1/B1 and Sennheizer wireless mics.

Do you have liability insurance for the safety of you and your volunteers?

​Yes. JayDee Hypnotist has $2M dollars worth of liability insurance that is valid in both the USA and Canada. I strive for safety when I hypnotize and having proper insurance is just good business. Insurance certificate will be provided with 2 business days after he has a signed contract.

Will I do anything against my morals in a show?

No, when hypnotized, your moral code is still intact and you will not do anything against your code. For example if you were supposed to be a stripper and take all your clothes off and that is against your morals, when asked to do so, you would just sit there and do nothing. The show is designed to work with your code and not against it.

What can I expect when I am in JayDee’s comedy show?

You will be asked if you want to volunteer, if you do, you will sit on the stage and be asked to follow easy to follow instructions. If you do, (some people do not) you will stay in the show. You will be lead into a state of hypnosis, aka a trance and then the fun begins. I will lead you into different skits and scenarios that are silly and fun to be in, such as being the Easter Bunny or thinking the person beside you has really bad body odour, for example. I do not encourage people to touch one another, it does happen but it is at a minimum and always tasteful. At the end of the show I do a short personal empowerment session that leaves everyone feeling glad they volunteered! Then you are brought back to full consciousness, feeling refreshed and happy you volunteered.

Will I remember what I did in the show?

Some people remember everything, some remember bits and some people remember nothing. If you want to remember what happened and you cannot JayDee can help you to remember it all. So whatever applies to you when you leave a show that you participated in is completely normal.

What type of events does JayDee entertain at?

The events range from a corporate party, post prom, dry grad, after grads, house parties, birthdays, fundraisers, fairs, festivals and any event that requires fun and belly laughs.

Is there a minimum number of people needed at a hypnosis show?

I have done groups of 25 and groups of 1000+, generally speaking the more people, the more volunteers. If you have a small group but have 5 or more people who want to volunteer then the show should be a good one.

Can the show be recorded or can pictures be taken?

Yes I allow both pictures and video to be taken with a few minor restrictions that will be explained before the show begins.

Is JayDee responsible for a sore stomach from laughing a great deal from watching the show?

Yes and no. I am the director, the real stars of the show are the volunteers, they did all the work and there would be no show without them.

I have some physical impairment that limits my mobility can I still volunteer?

Yes, just let JayDee know when you get up on stage. I have had volunteers in wheelchairs, artificial limbs, cerebral palsy, bad knees or backs and they all got hypnotized and had a great time. I worked with their physical limitations, for example in Nebraska, in a post prom, I had a student on crutches that has severe mobility issues due to cerebral palsy. When I did my photographers stunt, I told him he had the world’s best telephoto lens and he could take great pictures of the audience with it from his seat on the stage....he had a blast!!

I have ADHD or something similar can I be hypnotized in your comedy show?

Yes, I have hypnotized many people like that.

I there an age limit?

Generally speaking, 16 years and up to 100 (sorry to those over 100, I have not had anyone of that age volunteer in my show, so I am not sure :)

Corporate stage hypnotist JayDee brings his corporate comedy show to many places in Canada, such as  Calgary,  Edmonton  and  Grande Prairie.  Fort McMurray,  Lloydminster,  Lethbridge,  Red Deer,  Meadow Lake,  Prince Albert,  Regina,  Swift Current,  Cranbrook,  Kamloops,  Kelowna and Nanaimo.   Hamilton,  Sudbury KingstonSaskatoon,   London  and  Medicine Hat.   

In addition  Prince George,  Terrace,  Vancouver,  Victoria,  Vernon,  Barrie,   Ottawa, and  Thunder Bay.  Timmins,  Toronto,  Nunavut,  Whitehorse,  Yellowknife,  Inuvik,  Iqaluit,  Brandon,  Winnipeg  and many others!




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