In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the only comedy show and stage hypnosis entertainment for your event is corporate hypnotist, JayDee! A full time stage hypnotist for over 14 years and with a background in stand-up and improv comedy for an additional 5 years, this means JayDee keeps the laughs coming. This is a paramount to anyone hiring fun event entertainers for a corporate event, fair, after grad or dry grad! He is fully insured for 2 million dollars in liability coverage and his show is safe, clean and funny for all ages. He has 4 unique one hour shows, so that the audience does not see the same thing every show, no stunts are repeated, this keeps people at the event coming for a second or third show. Within a maximum of 20 minutes from stepping on the stage, he has the volunteers hypnotized and performing. His shows gets started quickly. At the end of the the show, a short personal empowerment suggestion is given to the volunteers as well as a “Do Not Drink and Drive” suggestion. Performance dates do book up fast, so don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy all the laughter at JayDee Hypnotist`s comedy stage hypnosis show, booked at your next event! Contact him now.

What to do in Saskatoon, SK

What to do in Saskatoon, SK

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, has many neat places to see and explore and as a museum lover they have much to offer. The Western Development Museum has lots of history and plenty of antiques. It also has many fun interactive buildings (all indoors) with different character's stories, short videos and many other interactive displays. The Ukrainian Museum of Canada starts with the migration from Ukraine and the trials and hard time getting to Canada. The history includes clothing, tools, religion and what was needed to be done to settle the harsh prairies. Finally, the Wanuskewin Heritage Park is a beautiful place with some lovely history and great scenery. For animal lovers, the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo has komodo dragons, buffalo and elk to name a few with many other displays. Theatre lovers, there is something for you the Persephone Theatre has production like Pride and Prejudice and Onegin.


More to enjoy and experience!

For more entertainment check out the Saskatoon Exhibition in early August, they have rides, food and big name entertainment like Trace Adkins and April Wine. Soon they will have to have JayDee Hypnotist and his comedy stage hypnosis show to entertain a crowd in the evening with hoot, hollers and belly laughs. If you are looking for great food, Saskatoon has plenty. My favorites are the Mi Hong Restaurant, Odd Couple, Poached Breakfast Bistro and the The Rook and Raven all will make something to please your appetite but there are more great places, go and explore them all, I can only try so many places. For art lovers, the Remai Modern has numerous floors of galleries and special exhibits such as Paul Chan, Bathers At Night. Beer lovers, rejoice, the 9 Mile Legacy Brewing has a great selection. I especially liked their Wapiti Pale Ale and the Old Man Moon. There is so much to see and do, I will have to keep coming back.

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Clip


This after grad party had JayDee Hypnotist and his comedy stage hypnosis show entertain at their event. The video clip shows JayDee using invisible sleep dust on the hypnotized volunteers. Watch as the dust is sprinkled, blown and thrown on the participants and see their various reactions from a gradual sleep to out like a light. The way JayDee uses the stunt makes the audience howl with laughter and you will enjoy it as well as you watch it.


JayDee`s corporate comedy show in Saskatoon can be between 1 – 2 hours in duration. His fee depends upon many factors such as; Number of people, distance to the show and equipment needed. Give him a call and see what he can do for you!!


If there is a pre show dinner and post show dance, he can supply the dinner/dance music. If you’re having a big event and also want another entertainer for the show, such as a comedian or magician, that can be arranged as well. The JayDee Stage Hypnosis Show is proud to perform in Saskatoon, Estevan and Weyburn, Saskatchewan.


Once you have contacted JayDee and discussed all the details, he will e-mail you a copy of his contract, event rider and payment details (50% deposit required). 


JayDee Hypnotist and his comedy stage hypnosis show is available for corporate events, fairs & festivals, parties, dry grads, fundraisers and conferences anywhere in Canada. To get an idea of the cities and towns he is traveling to, please see his schedule page.


If you were looking for a great event entertainers, thank you for choosing JayDee Hypnotist.

When contacting JayDee, please include the following information about your event:

When is it?
Where is it?

What is your budget?

How many people will be there?
Do you need music after the show?




Toll Free: 1 877-988-5830

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