Each seminar is between 45-60 minutes long depending on the clients needs. Each seminar comes with a unique PowerPoint presentation outlining how hypnosis can be of help to each persons unique needs and circumstances.

Find out how powerful hypnosis can make you, to be a better you!!

Corporate Hypnosis DeMystified

What is hypnosis all about and why does it work? Is it the right thing for you? Check this seminar out!

Getting Your Zzzzs

Many people have a difficult time achieving a restful nights sleep on a regular basis. Find out how hypnosis will help you to ease your mind and body so you can wake feeling refreshed almost every morning!

Create A Comfortable You

Seminar is all about how you go about creating the body size that you want for you. We are not all meant to be size zero's....find your level of health and comfort with a better body size by allowing hypnosis to work for you!

Be Cool With Menopause

Many woman still feel the effects of menopause long after it should have been done with. Hot flashes, cold sweats and general discomfort are never a good thing. Find out how hypnosis can be a great help to you to ease or get rid of these discomforts.


Email: jaydee@jaydeehypnotist.com


Toll Free: 1 877-988-5830

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