What People Say:

You were a colorful presence at our fair.
You provided an entertaining and memorable experience for the participants of our county fair."

Lisa Pedersen, Butte-Silver Bow County Fair, Butte, MT

Hire JayDee’s Comedy Hypnotist Show For Your Fair or Local Event

With over 14 years experience as a full time stage hypnotist and another 5 years as an improv and stand-up comic, JayDee keeps the laughs coming for fair crowds of any size. He is fully insured for 2 million dollars in liability coverage and his show is safe and clean for all ages. He has 4 unique one hour shows, ensuring no stunts are repeated for repeat audience members who wish to attend a second or third show.


Within a maximum of 20 minutes from stepping on the stage, JayDee is quick to have the volunteers hypnotized and performing. Music accompanies almost every skit or stunt along with a few props! At the end of the show, a short personal power suggestion is given to the volunteers to help them with their personal goals. If you treat all the volunteers with respect, they will be glad they volunteered and will want to experience volunteering in the show again and again. It's just the right thing to do.

JayDee Would Love To Perform His Comedy Hypnotist Show At Your Fair or Local Event Near You

Fairs and festivals are fun to perform at for a number of reasons, the audience is there specifically to be entertained. As a performer, I am usually doing 2-3 shows a day, for a number of days and that just keeps the energy going, you just cool down from one show and there is another. The audience is usually as warmed up as you are. Days at a fair or festival pass quickly for me because I am so busy and before I know it, its all over.

JayDee also does Corporate Parties and Events as well Dry Grad and Post Prom Parties. If you are looking for more information about JayDeeHypnosis or you are looking for self hypnosis audios to help with everything from weight loss to quitting smoking through hypnosis and much more, can be found on our shop page. If you have any questions you contact JayDee Direct or you look at our frequently asked questions page. For upcoming events check out JayDee Comedy Hypnotist show Schedule click here.


Email: jaydee@jaydeehypnotist.com


Toll Free: 1 877-988-5830

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