Your hypnosis show was an absolutely hit! I think you were amazing. I really believe you had a difficult crowd to work with and with 24 kids running around I am amazed you made it through so perfectly. I truly believe you were a hit!! and my guests loved your show! Thank you for making it a perfect day!
Ornella N
Hubby's 40 th Birthday Party Dec 23/06, Royal Glenora Club, Edmonton, Alberta
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This time of year I get alot of inquiries about corporate shows for Christmas. Tis the time of the season. The main question is….how much? I cannot answer that question without asking alot of other questions about the event. To make the whole inquiry go smoother you should know a few things before you chat with me. How many people are attending? Where is the event taking place? Do you want some DJ music after the show? What is the age group attending? Do you have any special requests? When you as the buyer are armed with this information you can make better and quicker decisions about hiring me for you event. Oh btw..Do you want a “G” rated show? I sure hope so, I do not do the adult or X rated shows. I hope what ever form of entertainment you choose, your Christmas party is a success!


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