Stage hypnotist, JayDee performs his clean, classy and funny hypnosis shows for children and adult audiences of all ages. Would you like to see your co-worker or friend pretending to be a bodybuilder? How about giving their best impression of the Easter bunny or favorite celebrity? If so, you will have a great evening with your group, large or small! The JayDee Hypnotist, hypnosis show is high energy, and includes participants on stage interacting with each other… eyes open and having fun!

​In 1999, JayDee embarked on a career in professional entertainment, by enrolling in an improvisation course through the Rapid Fire Theater School in Edmonton, Alberta. After studying improv for about 6 months, a friend recommended that he look into stand-up comedy. For the next three years, JayDee frequented comedy clubs in Edmonton watching the professionals and amateurs alike. He made a name for himself writing material for various comics, and took to the stage to perform stand-up comedy in 2003. In 2005 he started taking stage hypnosis training to perform stage hypnosis and the rest is history. He has performed all over Canada and the USA, on cruise ships and headlined in Las Vegas!


JayDee is a professionally trained comedy stage hypnotist

performing in USA & Canada

​“The lessons I learned performing stand-up comedy were invaluable.” – JayDee Hypnotist

In 2005, JayDee started hypnosis training, first becoming a certified Hypnotherapist and then taking a stage hypnosis course.​ After spending over 250 hours learning hypnosis, he completed the training and started crafting his own shows- he has not looked back since!

In November of 2008, JayDee appeared as a guest speaker at the National Hemophilia Foundation’s 60th annual meeting in Denver, discussing the application of hypnotic principles to hemophiliacs and their caregivers. On July 5, 2010, he headlined at the Riviera Hotel, Le Bistro Theatre, in Las Vegas for a well received 75 minute show.  JayDee has studied extensively with a Las Vegas headliner and has learned much from very talented individuals within the industry.

In an uniquely fun career, stage hypnotist, JayDee has traveled with and performed as far north as the Arctic Circle and as far south as Texas. His great adventure has also continued on the high seas with Norwegian Cruise Lines.

​JayDee Hypnotist is a professionally trained Hypnotherapist receiving his diploma from the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).


JayDee, comedy stage hypnotist, performs comedy stage hypnosis and stage hypnotist shows throughout Canada and the USA. In States and Provinces such as AK, TX, ND, SD, CA, MT, OR, ID, NE, AB, BC, SK, MB, ON, YT, NWT

JayDee Hypnotist and his comedy show performs all over the USA in cities such as:  Minneapolis  and  Billings.  Bozeman,  Anchorage,  Fairbanks  and  Sioux Falls.  Cheyenne,  Great Falls,  Rapid City,  Grand Forks,  Fargo,  Bismarck,  Spokane,  Corpus Christi,  Juneau  and  Seattle.


In addition  Pocatello,  Coeur d'Alene,  Boise,  Casper,  Aberdeen,  Omaha,  Lincoln,  Fort Collins,  Denver,  Colorado Springs,  Portland,  Eugene,  and  Tulsa.  San Antonio,  El Paso,  Dallas,  Houston,  Austin,  San Francisco,  San Jose,  San Diego,  Sacramento,  Redding  and  Los Angeles.  FresnoTulsa,  Oklahoma City,  Bakersfield,  Witchita,  Lawrence,  Kansas City,  Reno,  Kearney,  Salt Lake City  and many others!




Toll Free: 1 877-988-5830

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