Your hypnosis show was an absolutely hit! I think you were amazing. I really believe you had a difficult crowd to work with and with 24 kids running around I am amazed you made it through so perfectly. I truly believe you were a hit!! and my guests loved your show! Thank you for making it a perfect day!
Ornella N
Hubby's 40 th Birthday Party Dec 23/06, Royal Glenora Club, Edmonton, Alberta
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Myths About Hypnosis

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During the past few years of doing my hypnotism shows, I’ve talked with a lot of people who had questions and concerns about hypnotism. I’m always happy to discuss hypnosis with others, and I actually think it’s an important part of my job.


Because there are so many widely spread myths about hypnotism that the average person doesn’t know the differences between hypnotism myths and facts. As a stage hypnotist, I feel compelled to explode these myths so my audiences can have the facts and feel more comfortable with hypnotism.

Myth #1: Hypnotists force people to do things they don’t want to do


Hypnosis isn’t mind control. Hypnotists aren’t evil people who are trying to subjugate their minions and make them carry out their will. The bottom line is the hypnotist can’t force you to do something you don’t want to do.

You’re always in control. Hypnosis is really self-directed, and that’s why a lot of experts say “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.” The role of the hypnotist is to simply guide you into the right state of mind and to allow for better communication with your mind and your subconscious.

However, you always have the power to reject anything the hypnotist asks you to do. If you don’t want to do something, a hypnotist can’t force you to do it. Period.

Myth #2: Only the weak can be hypnotized

Anyone can be hypnotized. Hypnotism isn’t about the hypnotist being stronger than the subject. And actually, when you think about it, hypnosis requires a strong, focused mind. You have to be able to focus, concentrate, and follow through on the instructions being handed out by the hypnotist.

People who can easily be hypnotized tend to be very creative, strong-minded, and imaginative. They have to possess the focus to reach their goal of hypnosis.

Myth #3: You can get stuck in a state of hypnosis

This isn’t Shallow Hal. If your hypnotist dies or leaves in the middle of your session, you won’t get stuck in a state of hypnosis. That’s a Hollywood myth, and it’s far from reality.

People just don’t get stuck in a state of hypnosis. If anything, you could drift into a short sleep for a few minutes, but you’ll wake up naturally, feeling refreshed very shortly. However, you’ll never get stuck and be unable to snap out of it.

Myth #4: Hypnotists have strange powers

I hate to break it to you, but JayDee the stage hypnotist isn’t a superhero. I wish I was. It’d be cool to have special powers, but alas, I’m just like everyone else. Hypnotists don’t have special powers, and they can’t force you into a state of hypnosis.

Hypnotists have simply been trained in the proper techniques for helping you enter into a calm, relaxed trance. Any person who has the right training can guide someone else to this state.

Myth #5: You have no idea what’s going on when you’re hypnotized

You aren’t asleep when you’re hypnotized. You are totally aware of everything that’s happening to you. Think about it. If you were asleep, how would you be able to listen to the hypnotist and follow his instructions? You wouldn’t be able to do it.

Just take a look at what my stage participants have to say. Many of them report having a great time while they’re hypnotized on stage, and they remember all the funny things they did.

What are some other hypnosis myths you’ve heard? Share your favorites by leaving a comment.

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