Adventures with Airport Security

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of flying out from Kelowna BC. It was a very early flight to Vancouver and I was the only person at the screening area. I walked thru the scanner and “beep”. I was told it was the nails in my leather cowboy boots that had set the scanner off. No problem, I removed the boots, walked out then back thru the scanner but when I walked thru the scanner the second time, I went thru backwards. It did not beep. The security guy was fine until his boss, and older lady who just wanted to show everyone she had some power around the airport. She ordered him to get me to walk thru the scanner again but I had to do it forwards. Of course when I went thru it did not beep, she got her jollies showing she had so much power. What difference would it make walking forward or backward thru it? Does it confuse the machine if some one walks backwards thru it? Must be…the moral is… we are all safe due to the fact I walked thru the scanner a second time forward. Thanks to that supervisor for keeping Canada safe from backward walking people.





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