BS From Revenue Canada

I have a hard time believing the crap that Revenue Canada is giving me for THEIR mistake. They gave me too much money on my tax refund, they transferred monies from one account to another, improperly. As soon as I got it I called them, they said it was all mine I owed nothing. A few weeks later, another call still I owed nothing ..two more calls, then finally, I owed something. I paid the excess back in full. Now they are charging me a small amount of interest for their mistake. A lady in the Winnipeg office who kept referring to me as Mr.JayDee, told me as soon as I got the refund, I should have known to sent it all back including what I was supposed to get legally back. I called her Ms Psychic, she said I was calling her names, I sadly cannot read minds and know what has to be done, I can only follow the instructions I am given, in fact she told me the number I called was the wrong one, even thought it is the only phone number on my Statement of Account to call! So now its spend more time with forms and phone calls to get back $21.29 I call bullshit on this one!!

Got a story like this..send me it or a link to it 🙂


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