Dieting works but a lifestyle change is better:)

How many times have you heard people saying “diets don’t work” or “I have been on every diet and have had no results”? Is it not a miracle that some of these people get the stomach stapling/banding surgery and wala, they lose excess pounds.,…why? One reason…THEY CANNOT CHEAT!! The reason the other diets failed was due to the fact they could and did cheat! It is always better to change your lifestyle permanently than make a temporary change. Hypnosis can help but there is some self discipline required. It is not a matter of “snap my finger and you are thinner” It took you many months or years to become as heavy as you are now, do you seriously think you can get rid of alot of it in weeks? Dream on! Slow and steady will win the race. So change to a healthier lifestyle, get more exercise, just like doctors have been saying for years. it’s boring but it WORKS!!





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