Disagreeing with Charles Adler

A couple of days ago, I commented on a couple of posts on facebook by Canadian radio talk show host Charles Adler. Mr. Adler is usually a man who shows everyone what is really important in the news and not just the main stream news. He does have comedic segments but it is obvious to the listener that he is being very tounge and cheek. He posted some non news on facebook, such as a pot bust near Stephen Harpers home in Calgary(would it have been posted if it had happened in another spot, doubt it) and a story of Julia Roberts practicing Buddism. I posted that this was just filler and his posts should show more substance. Some people posted back to disagree with me but atleast one other agreed with me. The next morning I find this “filler” post to be deleted and I am no longer one of Charles Adlers facebook friends. If the post was so important and not filler, he could of reposted it, that was not done. I think that my example of using a logical arguement with no profanity was a perfect way to show Mr Adler that his “journalistic integrity” of posting garbage on facebook should come to an end. The funny thing is, it did, he has not posted another garbage story since. He also showed his true colours, when faced with an intelligent opponent who shows him his error, he just cuts him/her off. Way to go Charles! You the man.



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