Empowering Young Women Today ? Nada

Recently there has been a number of female vocalists who have released songs of so called empowerment for thier female fans, Pink, Lady Gaga, Beyonce..ect.. A Lady Gaga quote”…there is nothing trendy about ‘Born This Way.’ ‘Born This Way’ is a spirit, and it is this connection that we all share.” Lets cut all the marketing BS, all these vocalists are there to SELL product, they are doing so in the name of empowering women, my question is empowering them to do what? A specific question with a very vague answer. The only equivelent I can think that comes close is to get people pumped up to a job but not tell them what the job is. Great,….. young women all over the world who can afford to buy the artists music or go to thier concerts maybe empowered…… I think a true person of empowerment lives by thier own code and sets an example to be followed by others..people such as Jesus Christ, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa or Helen Keller empowered and gave a direction which people could follow. Where are all these artists directing these young ladies of today? I have no clue…I doubt these artist do either. I think empowerment without direction is like rights without responsibility, useless!!



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