Every year I get many phone calls and emails from people doing fundraisers. I have been performing at fundraiser for 9 years now and I have learnt and seen why they are a success or a failure. Here are a few tips for every organizer of a future fundraiser:

1) Be organised, and delegate, you cannot do this all alone.

2) If the attendees have a great time they will be back next year, so give them good value for their money.

3) Be prepared to spend money to make money. Spend the money wisely

4) Besides great food, great entertainment makes people come back year after year.

5) By hiring a great entertainer who has done many fundraisers, they should be able to tell you how to make it a success, but you may have to ask them. Please do not expect them to give you all their knowledge without hiring them. Would you?

If you are looking for more tips then you will have to call me and we can chat 1-877-988-5830 🙂





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