Hints for High School After Grad Organizers

Soon it will be grad season, heck still a month and half until Christmas and I am talking high school grad season. To all the grad planners out there, book your event early to ensure you get a entertainer that will show your kids a great night of laughs and memories for many years to come. There are a few things you as a grad planner should look for in a stage hypnotist. These are in no particular order, but I numbered them any ways 🙂

1) References, does the stage hypnotist have any that you can contact without his/her help?

2) Liability insurance. Hypnosis is not dangerous but it is good to have your entertainer covered with thier own insurance. My way of thinking is no insurance no show. At least 1 million or more of coverage.

3) Does the performer have an online schedule? Do you want to hire a person who barely works? Or some one who is busy doing many shows?

4) Does the stage hypnotist say they do comedy but have no training in it? Did they do standup or improv comedy? I did and does it ever enhance my ability to be funnier on stage.

5) What price do they charge? Cheaper is not always better. I have top of the line equipment in my show. I show up with over $10,000 worth of equipment at a show. The equipment helps to have the best show possible. Do you think if I charged $500 for a show that I could afford to put on such a nice show? No.

6) Does the perfomer have a website? Does it look professional? Are the photo’s 8-10 years old as well as the references?

7) What special events has the perform show his or her talents at? I have headlined in Las Vegas in one of the rooms that does weekly stage hypnosis shows, in the Riviera Hotel.

8) Are there pictures on the performers website of thier show and people having fun in it? If not, you should ask that peformer why.

I hope these points will help you, as a aftergrad planner pick the best entertainer possible for your event. Call me if you need any other tips or maybe you just want to book me 🙂 1 877 988 5830



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