Hypnosis Skits with Drug or Alcohol Themes

Time and again I see other stage hypnotists using skits with a drug or alcohol theme such as a hypno joint or water that is supposed to be alcohol, in my opinion this is absolutely wrong. As stage hypnotists we are supposed to take care of our volunteers in every single way we can. We are supposed to be trained to do so. You may be asking, when an alcohol or drug theme is used what is the harm? The harm is you never know about your volunteers past, if they are a recovering drug addict or alcoholic and you give them the best “drug” or “alcohol” they have ever had, this experience feels real to them and could undo any previous therapy or treatment that they have had. Is this experience guaranteed to undo all treatment … no…but is it worth the risk of possibly screwing up some ones life for a few laughs, NO! If the hypnotist was to undo past therapy, it is unlikely they would ever find out about what they did. I have personally chatted with a lady who’s past therapy was undone by a stage hypnotist’s stupid and uncaring stunt. The bottom line is simply this….We are supposed to be professionals and take the best care of our volunteers as possible, if we leave them with a negative experience from our show, a stage hypnotist shows thier lack of skill, training and morality.



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