JayDee's Celebrity Endorsements IV

In the world of entertainment, people use celebrities to endorse themselves. Some of these are true endorsements, some are not. You can write to most celebrities, ask for an autographed photo and they will send it (sometimes with a personalized message) at your request. For the average person, this is no big deal, but what happens when someone uses this to make money by bringing up their status with bogus endorsements? It does happen, another hypnotist I knew told me how it was done, I presume he did it due to the large numbers of celebrity endorsements he uses. So without further adieu… here are some JayDee Hypnotist celebrity endorsements, pictures NOT included.

Sociable?, not for you! – Anthony Cools

Can’t we all just get along and be nice to each other? – Alan Sands

Out of my way! – Lindsay Lohan

Our oil is REALLY clean…. – BP

There are many stage hypnotists…and you are one of them – Terrance B

Pass the salt – Miley Cyrus

Say what…….? – Puff Daddy

Your chocolate is in my peanut butter – Buzz Collins

Thanks for giving me my equipment back – Sidney Crosby

Do you like burrito’s too? – Kim Kardashian

You is interrupting my toe flossing session – Larry The Cable Guy

I said one free CD not 12! – John Cerbone

As usual, these endorsements can only make my career skyrocket!



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