Originality in the Stage Hypnosis Shows

I stumbled across these comments on a hypnosis website and the comments are too good not to publish. “Every single Stage Hypnotist in the market aside from a few (Myself included) does the same show they learned in a class.. Word for word…. I am a bit of a Hypnosis Historian if that is the correct term and have collected material form generations past…. I can sit in a show and in 5 minutes or less tell you whether or not I am looking at a Jerry Valley, Don Motton, Gil Boyne, Ormand McGill, or Terry Stokes impersonator….., Here is what I learned in the entertainment business.. You have to be first, the best, or unique.”

Justin James

“If in 2008 you are still ending every show with “YMCA” no matter the venue, or making John Bobbit jokes – when that event was like 18 years ago and many of your audience members were still in diapers or not even born yet – or if you use outdated skits like turning a couple into “Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson” at a high school grad night party – you are out of touch with today’s stage show customers – and you are likely to turn into one of those who complain that “newbies” or “bad trainers” are driving down the fees you can charge.

Furthermore, if your publicity photos are more than 5 years old, you are guilty of “false advertising” – everyone changes – hair, clothes, weight, wrinkles, etc. If you’re not happy with your real appearance these days, 1) your audience might not be either, and 2) you should probably make the effort to do a make-over. Image IS everything. Now, it’s okay to be older – and people do love “legends” – and it may be fun to put a chronological listing of historical head shots on your website for potential clients to see how long you’ve been in business – but the days of crowds looking forward to mullets, sequined jumpsuits or polyester leisure suits are generally over.

If your website offers “NEW Hilarious Videos from the 1998 & 1999 season” -this of course communicates a lot about the subject we are addressing. What about the 2000-2007 seasons? Did you retire? Are your videos not good enough to offer anymore? Is your show so exactly the same that it doesn’t matter what year you offer them from? Image IS everything.” Richard Nongard

Two gents, very successful at what they do, I couldn’t of said it better.



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