Progressive Relaxation in Stage Hypnosis

Lately I have been hearing and reading alot of people in the stage hypnosis business talking about progressive relaxation. Some love, some hate it. Here is what should be the final word. In a show if you manage to put your volunteers into a deep trance in a reasonable amount of time without boring the audience does it matter how you do it? If I eat a banana over 5 minutes and all my volunteers go into trance is it wrong? Absolutely not! Do what works for you and your stage persona, if your audience likes it who cares what you do, a hypnotist is not out there to impress other hypnotists not watching the show. They are there to impress the audience! If the audience is impressed then who cares what any other hypnotist thinks. Do I use progressive relaxation, you bet I do, though it only takes up about 3-4 minutes of my induction. If you are boring your audience with your induction, change it, if you are keeping them entertained while you do it.. stick with it! Of course with any induction and stage show, make sure to keep your volunteers safe at all times, you will come across as the professional you are supposed to be!





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