Reflexology, does it work?

Recently I chatted with a lady who said she did reflexology. After a nice chat she stated that a client that has pain in thier shoulders has that pain because they feel the weight of the world on them. As well pain on the left side of the body is fear of the future. My answer to this lady was simple..”bollocks!” Simple hypnosis training will tell you that you NEVER know why some one had a pain for what reason. The only way to determine it is to tap into the subconscious mind and find out. It is possible that some one with shoulder pain could feel the “weight of the world” on them? Yes, BUT it could be alot of other things as well, I think it is wrong to judge so hastily. I do not know this ladies level of training but if this is any indicator of the mentality of the average reflexologist, I will stick with thinking happy thoughts and be better off for it.





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