Stephen Hawking Missing the Big Picture

Recentley Stephen Hawking, the physicist, stated that man has to colonize space before the earth’s resources are depleted. I know he has completely missed the “boat” on this issue. If man is to survive as a species we have to learn to live within the means of our resources. If we just use up the earth and move on, we as a species are not much better than a parasite. It is sad that such a smart man has lost sight of the big picture with a band aid solution to our problem. Do I know how the solution is to be found? no. I do know it HAS to be found. As a species we have to learn two things… live within our means and to learn to live with one another. The last goal was the purpose of the most influential man in history, Jesus Christ, whether you believe he was a man or a god, his goal has yet to be achieved. How sad 🙁





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