Wanting to Take a Stage Hypnosis Course?

Recently I have been seeing on the internet many people selling their stage hypnosis courses. Some are very successful in the entertainment field, others not. How do you decide who’s course to take? Here are some simple tips to help you: Do you know any one who has trained with the person holding the course? Have you seen this persons show? Was it great? Has this instructor achieved great success performing in many different hypnosis genres?(Corporate, Cruise Lines, Grads, Vegas ect…) How well marketed is this person on the internet and with booking agencies(not the online booking kind)? IMHO if the person teaching has not got top dollar for their show and has not had at least ten years experience doing shows I doubt they have alot to teach, they simply have not made a success of themselves. Doing 10 shows a year for 10 years does not count…I believe they should have made their living almost exclusively from performing for many years. Are their promo videos professionally done or did they do it themselves and it looks like it? Beware of the super combo performers, those that do many types of unrelated performing but are not that great at any one, if they were so great, they would make a full time living from one or possible two genres of entertainment.. Hypnotist, Magician, DJ, Illusionist, Mentalist, Hypnotherapist and Comedien not all 3 or 4 or 5…… 🙁 Specialists are usually the best for the simple fact they have a great deal of experience doing one thing.(I have a background in standup and improv but I do not perform either separately, I use skills and techniques from those to make my stage hypnosis show better.) I am not here to specifically reccommend any specific person or persons, I just want those who are thinking of taking a stage hypnosis course, to know that there are some great people teaching and there are many that leave alot to be desired. It can be a fun career, I have had alot of fun, it is truly a job that you get paid what you are worth.



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