Ensuring You Hire A Professional Stage Hypnotist

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

When hiring entertainment for your event or party, there are a few things you can do to guarantee you the best odds that who you hire will be great for your needs.

Performers to avoid:

No website or one with almost no content.

Is much cheaper than everyone else.

The entertainer does not have a written contract and rider.

Promo videos that were made 10-15 years ago.

Promo photos that were 10+ years old.

No schedule page on their website, this shows where and how much they work and is great advertising. There is NO valid excuse not to have one.

References on their website are mainly of the anonymous type such as "Great show" A participant or Audience member. If you cannot find the person who gave the reference via name, company and city or town(if you wanted to) then all anonymous references should be considered as made up BS.

Finally the most important in the world of stage hypnosis entertainment..Insurance. Many stage hypnotist do NOT have proper liability insurance. In Canada it is very expensive, in the USA much cheaper. If the person you hire cannot provide an insurance certificate within a few business days after you have a signed contract, RUN! Make it a condition of the contract that you get proof of valid liability insurance. Beware of US based insurers who sell to Canadian based performers. The policy conditions state that the insured must domicile in the USA or coverage is voided. So they just handed you a worthless piece of paper. Canadian based performers must be insured by Canadian based insurance brokers or companies.

Entertainment buyers want to save as much money as possible so they hire cheap but heaven help them if anything happens, they will be on the hook for whatever takes place. Save your group the worries and hire those who are trained to be safe and carry proper insurance. Better to pay more up front than get hit with a claim and no coverage. You now know what to avoid, the rest is easy to figure out, hire great professional entertainment and have a fun event!

For more hiring hints see my other blog :) https://www.jaydeehypnotist.com/post/ensuring-you-hire-a-professional-hypnosis-entertainer

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