Ensuring You Hire A Professional Hypnosis Entertainer

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

If you are hiring entertainment for your function whether a corporate event, dry grad or a private party finding the best person maybe tough. One of the most important things to get is an honest entertainer. A person who does not lie about their achievements or experience in their field of entertainment. How can the layperson tell? There are few indicators, I will mention the two most important. Check the performers own biography. Do they claim to be a great teacher and performer in the field but you may see that less than a year after taking a stage hypnosis course they became an instructor. It makes one wonder how some one with less than a year experience can be teaching it to others. Any great teacher in stage hypnosis has at least 10 years of full time experience honing their craft. They also became very successful in their field and have the video and pictures to prove it.

Secondly, be wary of claims such as "I have 25 years experience in the business". Yes some performers do but a number have much less and are all out lying about it. How can you tell the difference? Easy, lets take myself for instance, I have been performing stage hypnosis for 14 years and I have youtube videos of show clips that are 12 years old

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKf7L45vHMk. I have video of my second show, that is time and date stamped, it is just not posted online. So if they claim "20 years experience" and only have youtube videos going back a few years..warning! Many performers will have pictures of them in shows that are 20 plus years old. You can tell by the photo, how much younger the performer is and how are they dressed and how the audience is dressed. A number of performers count anything they do as experience, such as, I played around with hypnosis as a teenager, now I am 45,(only been performing for a short time) and I have almost 30 years experience. Or they count experience as a DJ or some other form of entertainment. There is nothing wrong with being a DJ or any other form of entertainment but 20 years as a DJ is NOT 20 years experience as a stage hypnotist and the reverse is true as well. Beware of claims such as "X" number of years of "entertainment experience". It is vague and most who use this terminology are trying to fool the client to believe they are more experienced than they are. Does this mean you should not hire those stage hypnotist's with little experience? No, everyone has to start some where and it takes time to get really good and the price charged is usually a reflection of experience. Can some one fairly new put on a decent show, yes. The whole point is to get some one honest. If they lie about their level of experience, what else might they be lying about? In my experience, one lie begets another. So do some research and pick some great performer for your event and you will enjoy the evening along with all your guests!

Have fun at your upcoming Christmas parties!


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