Why is JayDee Hypnotist’s show so fun to participate in?

JayDee Hypnotist Professional Corporate Entertainment

There are three main reasons that you should volunteer in JayDee Hypnotist’s corporate comedy show.

#1 Safety

In the show I have designed my stunts and skits to be as safe as humanly possible. There is no such thing as 100% but I get as close to it as possible. I do not let my volunteers out of my sight at any time unless they have asked to be excused to take a bathroom break but are instructed to come right back, after they wash their hands :) I do not encourage touching amongst my volunteers, if some skit or routine is to get heated, it is ONLY verbal and I tell them not to get physical in any way. This protects everyone involved. I instruct the volunteers that when they go into hypnotic sleep that they do so safely whether they are sitting or standing up. They will stay safely in their chair or keep their vertical base and still go into hypnotic sleep. This prevents many potential problems. In my show, to be safe, I never terrorize any volunteers as some other performers do. It is one thing to scare people a bit but I believe that most people do NOT want to be terrorized when they are supposedly having fun. What the volunteers experience is real to them so it is not a good thing to into too much strongly negative emotions or mental states.

#2 Liability Insurance

This is the biggest down fall of entertainment buyers and stage hypnotists. Many stage hypnotists do not carry any insurance or have a worthless piece of paper. How can you tell which is which? Any performer living in Canada, to have valid insurance, must be insured through a Canadian broker or insurance company. If you see the hypnotist’s insurance certificate is a US based company and they live in Canada, the insurance is useless. The terms of the policy state that the insured must domicile in the USA or the coverage is void. I have seen many hypnotists claim they have insurance but when asked for proof they end up either bailing on the contract or saying they will provide it on the day of show. As a buyer avoid it. I ran across one hypnotist who called himself a great corporate trainer, was hired but the client called me a month before the show saying this performer could not get proper liability insurance. Many buyers want a bargain so they hire the so called insured performer and if nothing happens they get away with no coverage. What happens if there is any kind of incident? Most performers do their best to be safe but as I have stated before nothing is 100% safe. Any claim would be shouldered by the group that hosted the event who in turn could go after the performer. Does a buyer really want that hassle? The sad answer is yes, many will take that chance to save some money. I have 2 million dollars worth of liability insurance for both US and Canadian shows for a Canadian based insurer. I will send my client a copy of the policy a couple of days after a contract has been signed. Insurance is expensive as a performer and it costs more to hire someone who is properly protected. It is up to you to assess how much you want to risk by hiring an uninsured performer.

#3 Respect

I have 14 years experience as a full time corporate performer. My belief is that I treat all my volunteers and audience members with respect, but it is a two way street. As someone who is respectful I never let my volunteers talk about their personal lives or anyone elses. If this starts I stop it immediately. I am here to have to fun, not to hear the dirt on a volunteer’s personal life or on someone else. This is rare to happen but it has and was stopped immediately. My show is all about participating whether on the stage or in the audience and leaving the show with a smile and the feeling that everyone was glad they were there and no one is angry at anyone for saying something that they perceived as hurtful. Respect can also take the form of how I treat the volunteers physically in the show. Some people when they go into hypnosis tilt their heads backwards. This is hard on the neck to stay in that position for long. When I see it, I gently ease their chin towards their chest. This is one thing that I have sadly seen a number of other performs let happen for long periods of time. I will also occasionally adjust someone in their chair to make them more comfortable when “sleeping”. One other thing I do is to make the experience onstage a happy one, as a hypnotist you can use your volunteers in a show. It maybe a funny show but when the show is over the volunteers feel used and would never volunteer again in any ones show. This is where you get the attitude from audience members of “I just want to watch, I would never volunteer”

Be nice to your volunteers and they will want to be back in the show again and again.

That’s what a professional does.



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