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Click on the desired MP3 and the checkout will ask for payment via PayPal.


-If your MP3/Flash Drive does not work due to something that is the fault of this website or its products, your purchase price will be fully refunded or a new product will be shipped out to you at no extra cost. Please contact us.

-You must inform us of any problems within 10 days of receiving the program. We stand behind our products.

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The self hypnosis audio instructions are available for a free download but if you have the time you can read about the proper use of the self hypnosis audio programs here:

Please follow these instructions when using any of my programs whether MP3 or Hypnosis CDs:
1) Only listen to the programs when you do not have to be alert, so DO NOT listen to it while driving or using any type of vehical, for example, you could get so relaxed and fall asleep.
2) Listen to the programs just before you fall asleep at night or a quiet time of day for you, for at least 21 consecutive days or until you have reached your goal. If you miss a day, start again from day 1.
3) Your mental attitude will determine your chances of success, be positive and have a winning personality and this program will work well. Be negative and only listen to this program once or twice, will result in you getting little out of it.
4) If you fall asleep while listening to this program, you are doing well, keep it up!
5) You will see over time your attitude will change by using the program regularly, this means you are on your way to being successful in your goal.
6) When you do listen to the program, find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed.

Here are a few other tips for using the programs:

- use only one program at a time, trying to solve multiple issues at once would not be effective. One issue at a time.

- any time of day is fine to use the programs, consistency is the best, so same time almost every day is best, it helps to       develop a pattern.

- take the time to think about your goal and how great it will feel to achieve it.

Hypnosis Myths:
1) Can I get stuck in hypnosis? No one has ever got stuck. Have you ever heard of some one that could not get out of a day dream? Me either.
2) Only weak minded people can be hypnotized? Actually the weak minded are the hardest to hypnotize. In order to be hypnotized a person needs to able to focus on a train of thought and be intelligent, so hypnosis is NOT for the weak minded, it is for strong minds.
3) I am too much of a control freak to benefit from hypnosis, right? Using any of my programs means YOU are in control, I am just the guide on your journey thru your mind. You will use the program in a place you feel safe and secure and usually by yourself. It would seem to me that YOU have all the control in that situation.
4) When I awake will I do anything silly? No, this is NOT a stage show. This program is meant to help you and NONE of the suggestions in it will have you doing anything that is embarrassing. Your ethics and morals will always be intact and you will not violate them.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”
- Henry David Thoreau 




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